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Rahne Sinclairová, Illyana Rasputinová, Sam Guthrie a Roberto De Costa jsou čtyři mladí mutanti, které drží v odlehlé nemocnici dr. Cecilia Reyesová za účelem jejich psychiatrického pozorování. Je přesvědčená, že tito mladí lidé představují nebezpečí sami sobě a celé společnosti. Má je neustále na očích a snaží se je naučit ovládat jejich mutantní schopnosti. Když se však osazenstvo rozroste o Danielle "Dani" Moonstarovou, začnou se v nemocnici dít zvláštní věci.

Vydáno: 2020-08-26

Runtime: 94 minut

Žánr: Akční, Vědeckofantastický, Horor, Dobrodružný

Hvězdy: Blu Hunt, Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga

Rahne Sinclairová (Maisie Williams), Illyana Rasputinová (Anya Taylor-Joy), Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton) a Roberto De Costa (Henry Zaga) jsou čtyři mladí mutanti, které drží v odlehlé nemocnici dr. Cecilia Reyesová (Alice Braga) za účelem jejich psychiatrického pozorování. Je přesvědčená, že tito mladí lidé představují nebezpečí sami sobě a celé společnosti. Má je neustále na očích a snaží se je naučit ovládat jejich mutantní schopnosti. Když se však osazenstvo rozroste o Danielle "Dani" Moonstarovou (Blu Hunt), začnou se v nemocnici dít zvláštní věci. Pacienty začnou ovládat halucinace a vzpomínky z minulosti. Nepotrvá dlouho a jejich mutantní schopnosti - a vzájemné přátelství - podstoupí zkoušku, při které budou muset svést bitvu o to, aby vyvázli živí.(Falcon)
Rahne Sinclairová (Williamsová), Illyana Rasputinová (Taylor-Joyová), Sam Guthrie (Heaton) a Roberto De Costa (Zaga) sú štyria mladí mutanti, ktorých drží v odľahlej nemocnici dr. Cecilia Reyesová (Bragaová) za účelom ich psychiatrického pozorovania. Je presvedčená, že títo mladí ľudia predstavujú nebezpečenstvo sami sebe aj celej spoločnosti. Má ich neustále na očiach a snaží sa ich naučiť ovládať ich mutantské schopnosti. Keď sa však osadenstvo rozrastie o Danielle “Dani” Moonstarovou (Huntová), začnú sa v nemocnici diať zvláštne veci. Pacientov začnú ovládať halucinácie a spomienky z minulosti. Nepotrvá dlho a ich mutantské schopnosti a vzájomné priateľstvo podstúpi skúšku, pri ktorej budú musieť bojovať o to, aby prežili

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Acting is beyond phenomenal, and I’d be genuinely surprised if neither Robert Pattinson nor John David Washington doesn’t receive an Oscar nomination for best actor. It’s also hard not to mention how good Elizabeth Debicki and Aaron Johnson both are. All around, great acting, and the dialogue amps up the quality of the movie.
The idea of this movie is damn fascinating, and while there are films that explore time-travelling, there’s never been anything quite like this. It has such a beautiful charm and for the most part, explains everything thoroughly. It feels so much more complex than any form of time-travelling we’ve seen, and no less could’ve been expected from Nolan.
Oh my lord, the score for this film fits so perfectly. Every scene that’s meant to feel intense was amped by a hundred because of how good the score was. Let me just say though, none of them will be found iconic, but they fit the story and scenes so well.
In the end, I walked out, feeling very satisfied. Nevertheless, I do have issues with the film that I cannot really express without spoiling bits of the story. There are definitely little inconsistencies that I found myself uncovering as the story progressed. However, I only had one issue that I found impacted my enjoyment. That issue was understanding some of the dialogue. No, not in the sense that the movie is too complicated, but more that it was hard to make out was being said at times. It felt like the movie required subtitles, but that probably was because, at a time in the film, there was far too much exposition.
Nevertheless, I loved this film, I’ll be watching it at least two more times, and I think most of you in this group will enjoy it. I definitely suggest watching it in theatres if possible, just so you can get that excitement.
(4/5) & (8.5/10) for those that care about number scores.
At first, I want to ask Christopher Nolan one question, HOW THE HELL YOU DID THIS? Seriously I want to have an answer, How did he write such as this masterpiece! How did he get this complicated, fabulous and creative idea? What is going on in his mind? The story is written and directed perfectly, the narration style was absolutely unique. I have no idea how can anyone direct such as this story, that was a huge challenge, and as usual Nolan gave us a masterpiece that we’ll put beside (Memento), (Inception) and (Interstellar) The movie is so fast-paced in a good way, there was no boring moment. The chemistry between John David Washington and Robert Pattinson was great and funny and both of their performance was really good. Elizabeth Debicki performance was the best in the movie because she had the chance to show her acting abilities and she cached up that chance and showed us an A level acting.
The music wasn’t unique and distinct as the music of Interstellar for example and I think this movie needed the touch of Hans Zimmer, I’m not saying that Ludwig Göransson failed but Hans Zimmer in another level.
If there was something I’d say that I didn’t like it in the movie would it be that Nolan discarded any set up or characters backgrounds except Elizabeth Debicki dramatic story but it wasn’t that bad for me, I didn’t care about that, the exciting story didn’t give me the chance to focus on it. But the actual problem was the third act, it was really complicated and I got lost and I convinced myself to discard the questions that were in my head and enjoy the well-made action sequences and Elizabeth Debicki performance.
I think this kind of movie that gets better with a second and third watch.
I honestly don’t quite know where to begin with ~Tenet. I love Christopher Nolan’s work but I have never seen a more complicated film (and I understood Memento). ~After nearly three hours, I came away from ~Tenet not knowing myself, my mind reduced to nothing more than piles of ash.
Was there time travel involved? Hmm, there was definitely something about time inversion. I mean, does Nolan even understand what he wrote? Look, I give credit to the director because he’s one of the few directors left who knows how to create a compelling and intelligent blockbuster. ~Tenet is full of Nolan trademarks — the gratuitous Michael Caine cameo, a loud, really loud score, complete with stunning cinematography and slickly inventive action set-pieces.
This time around however, Nolan has finally managed to ‘out-Nolan’ himself: the palindromic plot, whilst creatively ambitious, is simply far too complicated for its own good. ~Tenet is overlong, overstuffed, pretentious and too exhausting to comprehend in its entirety — it makes Inception and Interstellar look like Peppa Pig by comparison.
I’m aware of the technical wizardry and creative mastery in this film and lord knows I’ll have to watch this again. For those who want a puzzle, ~Tenet at least provides a unique cinematic experience. But to actually enjoy solving it Nolan wants you to work very very hard

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