The Evolution of Long-Distance Dating

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It all started out with the old fashioned Craigslist classifieds you’d see on newspapers then came personal ads on magazines. Two people would start corresponding through letters as “penpals”. Some may keep several penpals and others, one. Usually, when the relationship progresses, they’d eventually schedule a meet up or a visit to their respective homes.

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With the birth of the internet, the complexity of writing and sending letters on parchment, and its seemingly inadequate offering of efficiency and “relationship” experience for the upwardly mobile, is simplified through the use of electronic mail. Moreover, classifieds are made available on the web, thus, making it easier to access such invitations to connect.

Online Craigslist personals are then introduced and patronised by people looking to find a mate. These same people also find different means to locate prospects, i.e. chat rooms. From this growing internet community, the concept of online dating came into being and somewhat became an accepted form of courtship or mating.

One of the mediums widely used nowadays are the online dating sites like eHarmony, Craigslist or Yahoo Personals. These sites enable users to connect with other online daters without giving out too much personal information. Apart from email exchanges, these people engage in instant messaging or chatting available through ICQ, Messenger Apps from MSN or Yahoo, internet voice calls via services available in most messenger apps, and even make use of video calls, too, via services like Skype.

However, the mate search is no longer limited to online dating sites. Many people are making use of other online waterholes like the ever-popular social networking sites like MySpace.

And for the last 4-5 years, another facet of this technology was introduced and is now branching into the new kind of community. With the introduction of the wireless and mobile technologies, it now caters the tech-savvy individuals. We now have the mobile internet community, individuals who access the web through their mobile phones. Of course, with this trend, social networking, Craigslist and dating sites are trying to better their services to accommodate the current demand of this public.

It now has taken the “penpal” thingie onto a different level. On top of the usual email exchanges, instant messaging and internet voice calls, etc, the concept of connecting through the mobile phone with the use of features available on it are somewhat becoming a real and concrete need.

Online daters now have the option to take their online activities mobile. Web-to-mobile applications are being used to serve their networking needs. Online hook ups can now happen practically anywhere, i.e. on buses, airports, trains or while walking, simply by utilising the SMS or text messaging capabilities of their phones. Communicating with the other person through real-time messaging is a positive step towards real-life connection. They’ve taken the “wait time” out of the equation, hence, making it faster to “get the ball rolling” so to speak. Heehee.

Through all the technology available today, geographical objections aren’t that big of a deal anymore. Communication doesn’t post as a huge problem, too. These two people will feel the distance that separates them less.

It’s quite remarkable on how technology affect how men and women connect, eh? From traditional courtships and other mating rituals, we’ve seen it move on to the internet era and now we’re experiencing the birth of the mobile dating age!

Goodness! Talk about efficiency!

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