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From the beginning, I have always viewed building my seduction / picking up single women skills as a gateway to overall self-improvement and confidence.

Think about it: Making good choices and self-improvement often leads to becoming a more desirable man in general, whether it is developing your personality, your health, your body, your personal style, your diet or your mind.

And what could be more motivating than getting to have the kind of success with women online that you really want?

Any guy who has invested more than 3 months into building his skills at picking up women online has probably run into an inner game block of some sort.

Maybe it’s crippling approach anxiety. Maybe it’s an overall sense that they “don’t belong” in the environment or they don’t “fit in” at a bar or club. Maybe it’s an inability to bring yourself to do what you know you need to do to get the results you want.

Whatever it is, it’s important to have a solid plan in place to handle your inner game so your progress doesn’t stop dead in its track.

The first step… the most important step… the most crucial and core step… is detection. If you can’t detect what is coming up for you that blocks or inhibits you, you are not going to have any ability to resolve it.

To use a metaphor: Trying to resolve an inner game issue without having a clear idea of exactly what it is would be like me blindfolding you, spinning you around and then trying to have you throw a dart at the bulls-eye on a target.

The chances of you even hitting the dartboard would be slim to none, let alone the bulls-eye.

But if you can look inside deeply and really analyze what comes up for you when your inner game block comes up, you’re starting down the right path.

Once you have a really clear picture of what it is that is coming up for you (the thoughts, the feelings, the things you are afraid of or want to avoid, etc.) you’re 80% of the way there. Seriously – 80%!

From that point, you can start trying different things to resolve the issue. This would be the equivalent of me taking off your blindfold so you can see the target now!

The remaining 20% is “throwing darts” until you “hit the bulls-eye” (resolve the problem).

In my next post, I’ll talk about how I approach that step.

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